Hi!  I’m Kathleen Schwantz but all of my friends call me Blondie.  Probably because I’m the only one over 5’3″ with fair skin and big blonde hair.  I’ve always been obsessed with clothes, handbags, beauty products, health and fitness – basically all things girly.

Over the passed year I’ve put my career as a men’s stylist before any of these fun little distractions and my blog is the start to getting back to a healthy balance and finding myself again.

I finally pulled the trigger on starting a blog with motivation towards running a full marathon in the fall.  I’ve always been a runner and have finished two halfs over the last 3 years.  It’s been about 8 months since I’ve done any regular exercise sooooo I’m basically starting from scratch.

Follow me in my journey back to being me and along the way I’ll share all of my tips and tricks about being Blondie.


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